HAVANA Magazine 2019 Advert Placement

Havana Magazine is a PDF Magazine that encompasses potentials of empowered individuals, Humanitarian rights and projects, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, and Photographic Documentation. Havana Magazine is a print media outlet under the Seyestar Studios ( a creative company with specialization, Photography, Graphics design, Directing, Film production, and Print Media). Havana magazine projects and promotes humanity through the use of strong life changing stories, photographic documentation, articles, poems, advert from both small scale and large scale businesses, photos from Seyestar photography, past events and hot topics from Human Activist around the world.

The first edition was released on the 19th of Dec 2017. This edition attracted a lot of positive feed backs from people around the world.

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HAVANA MAGAZINE: Submit Your Articles & Poems

Havana Magazine 2019 edition is here again!!!
Are you a creative writer, journalist, blogger, or a poet, do you have a captivating story or life experience you’d like to be published in a magazine?
If yes, this is for you!! Stand a chance to get your article published on Seyestar’s HAVANA Magazine 2019.
Theme: “Child Labour “ All entries should be developed around the theme.

Send us a mail containing the of your work not more than 450 words to havanaseyestar@gmail.com or call +232 75 358 564

HAVANA Magazine 2nd Edition

We are grateful to God for the successful release of the 2nd Edition of HAVANA magazine. It is with great joy and thanks to God, for providing the wisdom and guidance for every content available in this issue.

We are also very grateful for every partner, team player and sponsors who have contributed to the success of this years edition. Wonderful and creative minds, such as Alabi Victor , Makinde Seun, Saliu Lekan, Mrs Phebe Olafimihan, and Miss Afeni Esther and many more.

HAVANA is a dream for possibilities, it’s a reality for activities and a hope for productivity. A place for every reader to feel alive and heard, to see the beauty and richness of life and it’s various culture. It is with no doubt that HAVANA is a signatory for the masses.

We also want to extend our appreciation to our featured self made heroes and heroines. Who have been bold enough to share their stories with the world, for taking steps in addressing the issues that not only affected them but, is also affecting a large population of people out there. Thank you for such bold steps.

We also would like to appreciate the Music For Girls NGO for their selfless act of kindness to young girls out there.

A very big thank you to Mr Seye Olusoji for his hardworking and relentless spirit. The pioneer of it all. The creative mind behind the beautiful images and inspiration of this years issue. Thank you for the dream that is already becoming “the dream”

Finally, to our wonderful readers who have shown so much love and patience. Who have graced this entire project with their beautiful eyes and mind. We hope that this piece will inspire us all to fight right and live right. We are all our brothers keepers, strength in unity is the greatest community. And no matter what life throws at you, always remember you are in control of the game.

Seyestar Photography and HAVANA team is saying to you, have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Cheers to many more years in bliss.
Thank you.

Best Regard,
Olusoji Seye
President, HAVANA Magazine
Creative Director, SEYESTAR Photography.

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