Seye Olusoji

Seye Olusoji

Photographer, Art-Director

Olusoji Seye is a 21st Century Photographer, Director (movie, and theatre), Actor, and Event Planner. He shoots lifestyle, portrait, documentary, wedding, lifestyle, fashion and travel. He got his bachelor of arts in Performing Arts, University of Ilorin, Nigeria in 2016. Olusoji has over 4 years working experience in digital photography. He has been practicing photography since Sept, 2014. He worked as a student during his university days.

Seye is the co-founder of Seyestar, an outlet that handles projects related to Photography, Theatre Arts, Film Production, and Print Media. He takes great photographs, still, motion documentaries and graphics design. He also handles social media accounts. Olusoji Seye has 5 years’ Professional experience of photography production, media and communications. He has relevant experience in developing photographs, and he speaks fluent English.

Olusoji Seye started his career as a Performing Arts students, in the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. After his graduation, he founded and led a theatre company in Ilorin. During his cause of study in the university, he held the position of an assistant director for a stage play titled: Octorush. His directorial skills won him a departmental award as the “Best Drama Performance of the Year” in 2016, and the title of the play he directed was “Ijaye” by Wale Ogunyemi. This same play also won an award for best costume, and was handed to him by the Performing Arts Students Association Award (PASA Award).

In 2017, he traveled with National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) group to represent Kastina State in Mangu, Jos. Where the group emerged the second in Dance and came third in Drama. With the potential power of theatre (a cultural device with a history of more than two-thousand years) he tries to project the place of theatre in Africa and to raise general recognition towards what theatre can do. He decided to create a theatrical project in Freetown Sierra Leone titled: The Suitcase. The project was in collaborations with another theatre troop (Stage to Stage Marshalls) at the British Council Hall, Freetown. Sierra Leone.

In 2019, Seye Olusoji Theatre Organization (Sè Theatre) was in collaboration with another theatre troop (Stage to Stage Marshals) at the British Council Hall, Freetown. Sierra Leone.

Sè Theatre

Sè Theatre

Sè Theatre is the name of a theatre organisation. As one of very few Nigerian theatre organisation in Sierra Leone, Se Theatre is aiming towards a solid theatrical presence in Africa. To provide values, to direct audience and indirect audiences. Members of the company are engaged in a full-time in performances, outreach programs and management of the theatre arts.

About us

Sè Theatre was founded in 2016 by the director Olusoji Seye and co. Much work has been put not only into performances, but also into establishing the theatre as a cultural developmental center of local communities. And into educational and outreach programs. Se Theatre is deeply rooted in local communities, regional boundaries in Africa and beyond.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to boost the career of young artists in a trajectory of success in Africa. Se Theatre is set to revive theatrical activities, which will in turn aid the promotion of Arts, Culture and Tourism.

Our Mission.

This initiative is geared towards rebranding Africa through theatrical productions. It aims to give young people the opportunity to showcase their talents in the atmosphere of peace and stability. We promote the rich cultures of African nations, both national and international levels.

Our Aims and Objectives

Sè Theatre aims to make the theatre accessible with an artistic depth and to collaborate with the audience to think and feel together. In order to do so, the organization is required.

• To create good performances
• To contribute socially and ethically through its work in theatre
• To raise an understanding and recognition towards the public values through its activities and projects.
• We are committed to promote the cultural peace, stability and education for national development with the use of Arts and Culture.
• We Promote International exchange of Culture, Tourism, Knowledge and creativity.
• We Increase public awareness on issues affecting people.
• We take artistic creation into consideration in the domain of nurturing young people through the use of Arts and Culture.