HAVANA Magazine 2019 Advert Placement

Havana Magazine is a PDF Magazine that encompasses potentials of empowered individuals, Humanitarian rights and projects, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, and Photographic Documentation. Havana Magazine is a print media outlet under the Seyestar Studios ( a creative company with specialization, Photography, Graphics design, Directing, Film production, and Print Media). Havana magazine projects and promotes humanity through the use of strong life changing stories, photographic documentation, articles, poems, advert from both small scale and large scale businesses, photos from Seyestar photography, past events and hot topics from Human Activist around the world.

The first edition was released on the 19th of Dec 2017. This edition attracted a lot of positive feed backs from people around the world.

Download Havana Magazine 2017


The 2nd edition was released on the 19th of Dec 2018, as an annual tradition of Seyestar Studios.

Download Havana Magazine 2018


We are giving you the opportunity to promote your businesses and brands digital marketing. Feel free to download our last 1st and 2nd editions to get a taste and a feel of what this years edition will be like in Dec 2019. Here is an opportunity for you to advertise your Product, Company or Businesses on an online based magazine (Havana Magazine) by Seyestar Studio Team.

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