End Rape In Sierra Leone: Justice for Khadijah Saccoh Protest

Umu Alberta

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Today, 22nd June 2020.

We came out to register our dissatisfaction after hearing the news the late Khadijah Saccoh’s death which was as per the autopsy report, caused by rape. We were just starting to assemble when a truck of police officers (OSD) came to us, ransacked the placards and arrested us. We were bundled to the truck and asked to switch off our phones. They didn’t tell us why we were being arrested but of course we understood and were not frightened. We were taken to the Central Police Station where we were released after an hour due to the timely intervention of Madam Naasu Fofanah and other network leaders. After being released we continued our march and joined the troop at the office of the Attorney General. We saw the need for every sect of women to be included especially market women who leave their children at home everyday to fend. So we took to the streets, calling on them and they showed up in their numbers. They were calmed by the police and asked to reconvene on Wednesday due to the treason trial scheduled for tomorrow Tuesday.

In a nutshell, Today wa as quite a success story for all of US. Because of our arrest a lot of other people saw the need to come out. Because of our arrest the Attorney General and Minister of Justice was compelled to give a statement. We came out not just for Khadija but for every other girl living in this situation of rape. We want to give them the courage to speak up. To know that we believe them and we are here to fight their cause. We want to also create awareness about the existing cases of rape and call for the speedy dispensation of justice.

Photos by Olusoji Seye for Seyestar Studios

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