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Seyestar Photography was founded in Nigeria by Olusoji Oluwaseye and Afeni Esther in 2014 . The studio provide visual memories primarily to meet people’s needs of professional photo and video services for individuals and corporate bodies. Seyestar Photography aims to exceed customer expectations in every detail. It has achieved such a high level of customer satisfaction that 80% of its business comes from word-of-mouth reputation.


Seyestar Photography’s main focus is portrait photography. It also does other special events, wedding, documentary, travel, fashion, fine art and commercial photography. The studio also provides videography services.


Expand and grow digital media production, fine art photography and videography services.


We emphasize value and define it to mean quality products and services at reasonable prices. We aim to exceed customer expectations in every detail through Creativity, Quality, Value and Service to Our Clients.


  • • Provide leadership with the teamwork and technical skills to initiate and sustain the new business objectives.
  • • Employ and train a team of skilled professionals to perform all the tasks needed to produce a final product on time, under budget and with optimum value.
  • • Acquire the hardware and software needed to support the successful execution of new business.
  • Develop and maintain my customer base by marketing for opportunities beyond the portrait and wedding industry in the field of digital media production.

All our photographs are in digital format, we uses professional quality equipment, digital SLR camera, high-quality lenses, high quality flash unit are available for interiors where necessary.

We have a working 5 years’ Professional experience of photography production and relevant experience in developing photographs.

Download our Current Photography Portfolio Album Bellow.

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